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First impressions are a powerful thing, especially in the real estate industry. Did you know that a prospective buyer has developed an opinion of your property within 15 seconds of seeing it? This is why it is critical to establish the right first impression in order to achieve a successful sale.

Below are several tips that you can follow to create a more positive first impression of your home or property. And if you need help with anything, a member of Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace, Realtors® is always happy to assist you with your real estate needs! We are THE SOURCE for real estate in East Tennessee.

Tips to Make a Great First Impression for Your Home

The first thing a prospective buyer might see about your home is the exterior. Curb appeal isn’t just limited to the home or property itself, but also to the surroundings. From your lawn and shrubs to the mailbox and doorstep, each aspect of your home’s exterior helps to make up the visual landscape. And you want to make sure it looks the best it possibly can!

  • Sweep your sidewalk if necessary and remove any weeds that might be growing nearby
  • Give your old mailbox a fresh coat of paint and polish or replace old house numbers
  • Outdoor lamps quickly wear out from the elements. New ones will cast a positive light on your property
  • Trim shrubs and prune hedges
  • Make sure your lawn is in good shape and has been recently mowed
  • Treat sparse patches of grass or sow new seeds. Sod is another option for making your lawn look great
  • Walkways and sidewalks should be free of debris and safe for walking on
  • A fresh coat of paint can be one of the best investments you can make to increase the value of your property. Even painting the shutters or trim can go a long way
  • If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, have it cleaned if necessary
  • Make sure windows are sparkling clean and replace any cracked or broken glass 

For more information about home repairs or enhancements, please contact a Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace Real Estate Agent and ask for a Free Copy of The Coldwell Banker Home Enhancement Guide.

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