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Gift Ideas for the Graduate in Your Life - 2017 Edition

Posted: May 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Kate Spears

Graduation season is upon us. Are you looking for a basic gift that might actually be useful for the grad in your life? Whether they’re graduating high school or college, this list will help you pick a gift that doesn’t end up collecting dust.

Noise Cancelling Earphones-

Not only are these great for drowning out the chaos of the dorm while your grad is trying to study, they can be linked to their device to listen to music and make phone calls. There’s all kinds of options available from several manufacturers, so pick out the one that will serve your grad best. That’s a coded way of saying you can spend hundreds of dollars on some models while keeping it more modest with others.


Does your grad like a good cup of java in the morning? Whether they’re getting up for eight A.M. classes or their first office job, most grads will appreciate the quick and easy caffeinated goodness that any model of Keurig can provide.  

Leatherman Tool-

The ubiquitous Leatherman tool is perfect for a college student. There’s often very little space in a dorm room, so a big tool box is not really an option. A basic Leatherman tool provides Phillips head and flat screw drivers, pliers, a pocket knife, and other options that come in useful all the time. They can slice up an apple with the blade and tighten the screws on their desk chair with the same small, compact tool.

Maglite Flashlight-

Maybe get them two, one for the car and one for the dorm. You can’t go wrong with these near indestructible classics. They come in all kinds of sizes and colors and will surely come in useful for your grad in a power outage or if their car breaks down on the side of the road. Pair this gift with some batteries and you're covered.

Portable Phone Charger-

Nothing can mess up your day like a dead phone. Get your grad a portable phone charger to make sure they don’t have to experience the horror of a dead battery. There’s lots of options with different capabilities, but you really can’t go wrong.

Get your favorite grad something they can use. They’ll be thankful, and you’ll be a hero.

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